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The Complete No-dig Pipeline Rehabilitation SolutionHello and thank you for researching Premier Pipe USA.

Our Premier-Pipe USA Cured in Place relining system has proven to be one of the most respected and established cured in place relining systems in the world. We use nothing but the finest materials offered in our industry today; and many materials we developed ourselves with our partnership of suppliers.

Our experienced group of proven installers, staff Professional Engineers, ISO Certified suppliers, well-trained crews and the best CIPP Operation/Project Managers in the industry have worked hard to make us the best lining process in the world. There is never a shortcut on quality and value. We are a veteran group of individuals who know what it takes to work as a team to be the very best at what we do. We are continuously looking for ideas and methods to make our product better. We also investigate and test out new materials that keep us on the cutting edge of the Trenchless Industry. We pride ourselves on these values.

Premier-Pipe USA and Canada has:

Installed over 13,000,000 million feet of CIPP
Installed liner in 44 states from Washington, DC to Honolulu, HI including Canada
Installed liner in over 1,000 different cities
Approved and used in most of the major cities in the USA
Premier-Pipe Limited (Europe) has installed over 8 million feet bringing our product total to over 21,000,000 feet installed world wide.

Premier-Pipe will take on some of the toughest types of projects: square pipes, odd shapes, mountain sides, and under rivers. No job is too difficult for us. Often our group works in unity to find the best solution for these challenging projects. Our team of experienced installers and engineers collaborate to ensure that all projects are given the detailed attention that they deserve along with performing in the safest manner possible.

Please review our website. If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at 612-385-4101.

Thank you,

Jim Mortell
Owner, Premier Pipe USA

ASTM Standards

Designed in accordance with the latest ASTM Standards

Certified Techs

Installed by trained and certified lining technicians.

ISO Certified Suppliers

Utilizing Applied Felts tube which is manufactured under ISO 9002.


A safe, time-tested and proven method.


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