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The Worldwide Choice for Manhole to manhole,
cured-in-place relining process

Premier-Pipe will take on some of the toughest types of projects; square pipes, odd shapes, mountainsides and under rivers. No job is too difficult for us. Often our group works in unity to find the best solution for these challenging projects. Our team of experienced installers and engineers collaborate to insure that all projects are given the detailed attention they deserve along with performing in the safest manner possible.

Property Minimum Values Test Method
Tensile Strength 3,000 psi ASTM D-638
Flexural Strength 4,500 psi ASTM D-790 Mod
Modulus of Elasticity 250,000 psi ASTM D-790 Mod
Chemical Resistance Loss not to exceed the above values ASTM D-543

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