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What makes our CIPP process standout from others is our quality installers, who are carefully selected and trained. Through constant communication, our installers continue to learn and help one another with every project–ensuring the best possible result each and every time.

Our deep tradition of being an industry leader did not happen overnight nor did our industry leading years of experience but our character to always finish the job correctly with the highest level of pride and class cannot be taught, it is a culture; along with believing in and supporting the supervisors and their crews that install quality Premier-Pipe USA. We always use the finest resins and the highest standard felts our industry can provide. We have learned that shortcuts are for people who cannot plan a job or run a company efficiently and have seen many of those companies fall to the side of the road. In order to stay a leader in the cured in place industry, having and inventing cutting edge technology is a given along with being able to line high pressure lines, water lines, our R&D never sleeps; it really does not for our R&D is world wide. Our world-wide partnerships allow us to search the globe for the best systems and equipment to always keep our Premier-Pipe USA installers leaders in our industry.

Our installers (in alphabetical order):

Am-Liner East

Am-Liner East is a company family-owned and operated. The Ownership has over 60 years of trenchless experience. The Company has installed and overcome many difficult CIPP projects that other companies may have walked away from. These projects, as well as many others have been completed under the highest quality standards in the industry. Above all else, the Owners are committed to a job well done and most importantly, customer satisfaction. Am-Liner’s installation territory is along the East Coast.

Insight Pipe Contracting

Insight Pipe Contracting is a perfect example of the hard-working ethics of the Pittsburgh area. The Company is owned and operated by Mike and Jill Marburger. They provide over 50 years experience of rehabilitation construction projects. Insight believes that one of their best assets is the people on the front line installing Premier-Pipe. The company takes pride in leaving their family named stamped on every job insuring excellent quality and service.

Michels Pipe Services

Michels Pipe Services, a division of Michels Corporation – is also a family run company. Michels Pipe Services staff and crews combine for over 100 years of CIPP experience. Like the other Premier-Pipe installers, they are willing to tackle many types and complexities of projects and always complete the projects with industry leading quality. Michels Pipe Services won the Trenchless Technology Magazine project of the year award in 2007 and 2008. The Michels’ installation territory is the Midwest, West Coast, Hawaii and Canada.

In closing, whether it is a Premier-Pipe USA CIPP or a Pressure Liner or Premier Green project; one of these installers will complete the project with the finest products and technology in the industry. These installers will stake their family name and pride on the work they do. Their work will stand the test of time.

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