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AM-Liner East

Am-Liner East, a “Family-owned” business, has been in operation since it’s incorporation in 1994. A majority of Am-Liner East’s officers, managers and employees were shifted over from another “family-owned” company which had specialized in all phases of underground utility construction, pipe line rehabilitation and environmental clean-up projects prior to Am-Liner East’s inception.

AM-Liner East, Inc. is a company based in Northern Virginia which provides quality full service sanitary sewer and manhole rehabilitation to the trenchless industry. To date we have installed over 5,000,0000 L.F. of the AM-Liner and Premier-Pipe USA Products along the east coast of the United States including Puerto Rico.

Service Area

Am-Liner East serves the Northeastern U.S. and the entire Atlantic Coast. From the Florida Keys to the tip of Maine, Am-Liner East has it covered.

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