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Premeir-Pipe Hydromain

In response to growing demand, Premier Pipe offers the newest innovation in CIPP liners for potable water applications. Premier Pipe Pressure was developed by the world’s leader in CIPP technology to incorporate quality liners with your NSF-certified system.

In order for our liners to perform to your high standards, they must be custom designed to exacting specifications and installation requirements. With potable water applications, diligence in assessing each unique CIPP project and providing custom liners that are value-engineered for each specific installation is more important than ever. We will work with you to understand variables such as internal operating and testing pressure requirements, resin selection, appropriate layers of glass reinforcement and many other key factors in manufacturing your custom Premier Pipe Hydromain liners.


  • Constructed for potable water applications that comply with NSF-61, BNQ and other applicable standards.
  • Fiberglass reinforcement provides dynamic, self-supporting properties.
  • Can be engineered to deliver the same pressure ratings of a stand-alone AWWA Class IV pipe.
  • Maximum pressure will depend on size and design criteria, but typically pressures exceeding 150 PSI can be accommodated.
  • Uses trusted industry designs and construction methods, so impregnation and installation is quick and easy.
  • Manufactured by the world’s leader in CIPP solutions.
Product Specifications
Material Multilayer polyester felt/fiberglass hybrid liner with impermeable coating conforming to ASTM-1216, NSF-61 and BNQ Standards
Pressure Range Up to 200 PSI (1.38 Mpa)
Diameter Range 6 to 48 inches (152.4 to 1219.2 mm)
Wall Thickness 3.3 to 25 mm
Coating Options PP or PE
Installation Method Inversion using water or air
Resin Type Thermosetting resins meeting the requirements of NSF 61
Preparation High Pressure and/or Mechanical Cleaning

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