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Premier-Pipe Pressure Liner

Premier Pipe Pressure Liner is a tested and proven system, this system ss a glass and felt liner blend. The felt allows great resin saturation and flexibility where the glass adds its strength. This system is proven with a few different resins for various applications please contact for specifics.

Our pressure system can be developed for 6 inch to 120 inch size liners.

This pressure system to used for CIPP that can handle a scale of pressure from low to high .
You can see in the video below our burst test was 6 mm liner with a standard polyester resin. You can see the burst was over 500 psi before the fail.

If you would like to talk more or have questions please call me: 612-385-4101.

Video: pressure liner burst test; 4mm liner, 594 psi burst in 52 seconds with polyester resin

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