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Cured-in-place Tech Liner

This state of the art Premier Pipe Tech liner is a unique and special product 5 years in the making that allows us to use a special designed glass only to our needs and infuse the glass into our time tested felt liners in such a way to our needs and design to give our Premier Pipe Tech liner unparalleled strength not scene before and with the felt still being flexible enough to form the same tight fitting liner to the host pipe lines we and our clients are accustom to.Now with over a 100,000 feet of our Premier Pipe Tech Liner successfully installed, we have proven through our engineering, testing and procedures and supply materials the versatility of the Premier Pipe Tech liner in different conditions and the trust of being a complete “CIPP System”.

In response to growing industry demand, Premier-Pipe offers the newest innovation in CIPP liners for force mains and other pressure pipe applications, including non-potable water. The Premier Pipe Tech Liner was developed with our support partner Applied Felts, the world’s leader in CIPP technology specifi cally for applications that must withstand higher internal pressures and deliver the best possible performance.


  • Constructed specifically for municipal sewer applications such as force mains, and can also be used for industrial purposes including fire water lines and more.
  • Fiberglass reinforcement provides static, self-supporting properties.
  • Can be engineered to have the pressure resistance of a stand-alone AWWA Class IV pipe.
  • Maximum pressure will depend on size and design criteria, but typically pressures exceeding 150 PSI can be accommodated.
  • The Premier Pipe Tech Liner uses virtually the same wet-out and installation procedures to ensure our crews are accustomed to the ease of install.
  • Manufactured by the world’s leader in CIPP solutions.
Product Specifications
Material Multilayer polyester felt/fiberglass hybrid liner with impermeable coating conforming to ASTM-1216, NSF-61 and BNQ Standards
Pressure Range Up to 200 PSI (1.38 Mpa)
Diameter Range 6 to 48 inches (152.4 to 1219.2 mm)
Wall Thickness 3.3 to 25 mm
Coating Options PP or PE
Installation Method Inversion using water or air
Resin Type Thermosetting resins meeting the requirements of NSF 61
Preparation High Pressure and/or Mechanical Cleaning

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