WE’VE INSTALLED over Feet of the highest quality CIPP liner.


Premier Pipe USA, is a time tested CIPP system with over 20 years of proven experience. Premier Pipe has been installed in mayor cities around the world and most major cities across the United States.

We call it a system because Premier Pipe USA is built on 20 years of fine tuning field procedures on the backs of the finest installers in the world. They bring their passion to work every day and are supported by our experienced engineers who not only understand the standards of the industry today but our own standards and safety factors to always do the very best and do the job one time. We push our suppliers to produce the finest materials in the industry and will supply all products just for your specifications. We are always searching and testing every day to bring new products to the industry… to be the leader on the cutting edge of technology, that is a CIPP system that is Premier Pipe USA.


Am-Liner East

Am-Liner East, a “Family-owned” business, has been in operation since it’s incorporation in 1994.

Insight Pipe Contracting

Founded by Mike and Jill Marburger in 1989, Insight Pipe Contracting, L.P. is a full-service sewer maintenance contractor.

Michels Pipe Services

The world is a very different place today than it was in 1959 when Dale Michels founded his construction company.

ASTM Standards

Designed in accordance with the latest ASTM Standards

Certified Techs

Installed by trained and certified lining technicians.

ISO Certified Suppliers

Utilizing Applied Felts tube which is manufactured under ISO 9002.


A safe, time-tested and proven method.

  • Premier Pipe’s CIPP Systems

  • Premier Pipe USA and its certified installers believe our environment is very important, not only today, but for the future of our children and generations to come. The focus for our research and development into the future of trenchless technology is to not only minimize the impact we have on any project site, but also to provide new and innovative techniques. Urban or rural, the footprint we leave affects us all.


Cured-In-Place Tech Liner

Premier-Pipe Tech Liner is a specially developed liner that is over four years in the making.

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Premier-Pipe UV

Premier-Pipe UV, is a glass liner saturated with UV cure resin and protected with a Styrene barrier.

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Premier-Pipe Pressure Liner

This liner, like all of our liners, is manufactured in the USA with a standard polyester resin that can reach pressures of a 1000 psi.

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Green CIPP

This is our most environmentally friendly liner system to date. Premier-Pipe Green is our Special Tech Liner made with a felt and patented glass

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Premier-Pipe Pressure

Premier Pipe Hydromain delivers fiberglass strength with traditional felt liner performance to provide the most innovative CIPP custom solutions for potable water applications.

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Premier-Pipe SmartCure

Smart Cure is cutting edge technology in the Cipp industry specilicflily engineered to monitor cured in place liners.

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